Is the plastic heat resistant?

Yes! We used food grade plastic in all of our products, meaning they can withstand high temperatures, in the unlikely event the side of your stove gets hot. But, remember to never place your Crumb Catcher on your hot stove!

How does it stay in place?

The Crumb Catcher is designed to suspend between your countertop and stove, all you have to do is insert the plastic and press it down into your gap.

My Crumb Catcher is too long, what now?

Measure how long the length of your gap and cut with scissors to fit to size.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited 30 day warranty which is found at our Privacy, Terms, & Warranty page.

Any other questions?

Contact us at: info@thecrumbcatchter.com we love to talk clean kitchens!